Sam Kekovich on the Finance Crunch

Sam Kekovich is back to put lamb on the menu for Australia Day, this year suggesting that eating lamb will address the financial problems caused by over paid fat cat bankers.

“We need to return to the egalitarian values that made Australia great, embodied in our national dish: the barbecued lamb chop,” Sam says.

Sam Kekovich look-a-likes

“A chop tastes the same in a designer outfit as it does in stubbies and thongs. Which reminds us you don’t need to be an overpaid, pin-striped parasite from a millionaire’s factory… The short-selling, rogue-trading, corporate crooks may disagree with me, but they can go jump. And if they don’t know the way I’ll push them in the right direction.”

Sam Kekovich look-a-likes at barbecue

The spot finishes with Kekovich borrowing from Barack Obama to call the Australian nation to unite in his likeness.

“I need every Australian – the whole bloody lot of you – taking up the tongs and being Sam Kekovich,” Sam says. “Can we change things if we all unite as a nation? Yes we can!”

Click on the image below to play the video.

Sam’s address went to air on television on Sunday 11 January and can be viewed online at The address to the nation will continue to be televised until 26 January and will be supported by online advertising and in-store promotions. Sam will also be taking his message to the streets this year, with a national tour to all state capitals in the week leading up to Australia Day.

The Main Meal site provides online visitors with the opportunity to become Sam Kekovich by downloading a mask template in pdf format.


The Sam Kekovich campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, copywriter Dennis Koutoulogenis, art director Jake Rusznyak, agency producer Louise Hodgson, business director Ruth Holt, account director Alison Tilling, account manager Louise Mawer and agency producer Louise Hodgson.

Filming was shot by director Simon MacRae via Orange Whip Films with director of photography Jon Bader, producer Alex Mooney.

Post Production was produced by Jim Bullard and edited by Dan Mitchell at MRPPP.

Sound was designed by Paul Taylor at Sound Reservoir.

Printed material was produced by photographer Jon Bader, producers Dominic Ardino & Clinton Bell and art buyer Basir Salleh.

Media placement was managed by Universal McCann. PR was handled at Hausmann Communications.