RWE and Greenpeace go Boom De Ah Dah

Discovery Channel’s Boom De Ah Dah commercial, launched in August 2008, continues to inspire spin offs and spoofs around the world, the most recent being an ad by German energy giant RWE and a response by Greenpeace. Discovery found that their commercial had sparked off a number of versions on YouTube. In response, the channel launched a special YouTube Playlist, The Boom De Ah Dah Phenomenon, featuring videos with the song, “I love the mountains”, linked with Discovery on Facebook and Discovery on MySpace.

RWE Giant


German energy company RWE is symbolised as a 60 foot tall giant weighing 300 tons with a fascination with sustainable sources of energy. Music is sung by Houaida.

Greenpeace Satire

Greenpeace’s response points out that despite the Greenwashing attempt by RWE in Germany, the energy company’s investment in energy is largely in brown coal plants, rather than in wind turbine and underwater power technologies. 15% of Germany’s energy in 2008 came from renewable energy. Only 2% of that renewable energy was produced by RWE.

Credits for Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel original was developed at 72andSunny by creative director Glenn Cole, creative director/designer Bryan Rowles, creative director/copywriter Jason Norcross, agency executive producer Sam Baerwald, agency producer Angelo Ferrugia.

Filming was shot by director James Rouse via Outsider with director of photography Max Goldman and producer Jeremy Barrett.

Editor was Lucas Eskin at Mad River Post with producer Ann Kirk. Colorist was Stefan Sonnefeld at Company 3.

VFX was produced at Method by VFX/online artist Alex Kolansinski with producer Helena Lee. Sound was designed at Lime Studios by Loren Silber. Music was composed by Brian Chapman at Beacon Street Studios with producer Adrea Lavezzoli.

Credits for RWE and Greenpeace

The RWE spot was developed at Jung Von Matt/Elbe by executive creative directors Sascha Hanke and Wolf Heumann, creative director/art director Jens Pfau, creative director/copywriter Tobias Grimm, copywriter Rene Lamberti, chief consultant Carl-Christian Berge, consultant Guido Kirschner, head of planninig Karen Heumann, planning executive Achim Rietze and film producer Julia Cramer.

Animation was produced at Fido by director Andrés Roas Hott, producers Claes Dietmann, Thomas Deutschmann, line producer Anders Singstedt, creative director Kaj Steveman, VFX supervisor Cameron Scott, concept sketch designers Joel Sundberg, John Wallin, matte painting artists John Wallin, Svante Fjaestad, Mikael Widegren, 3-D Modellers Mattias Forsström, Magnus Ericsson, Joakim Eriksson, Markus Sterner, Martin Johansson, animators Cameron Scott, Staffan Linder, Kristian Ström, Rikard Engqvist, Robert Karlsson, Joakim Eriksson, lighting/rendering technicians Peter Aversten, Mattias Forsström, Frederik Brännbacka, Joakim Eriksson, Marcus Sterner, Martin Johansson, Anders Nyman, Johan Gabrielsson, technical animators Timmy Lundin, Björn Rydahl, Frederik Limsäter, Anders Nyman, Cameron Scott, Frederik Brännbacka, ocean systems technicians Björn Rydahl, Frederik Limsäter, compositing technicians Daniel Norlund, Martin Borell, Mattias Alvarsson, Andreas Karlsson, Frederik Brännbacka, systems operator Thomas Ericsson, and online editor Tomas Näslund.

Music was produced at White Horse Music, Hamburg, by composer Gerrit Winterstein and Klaas Nocken.

Animation was by HappyCamper, Stockholm. See the HappyCamper behind-the-scenes story on the storyboarding of the RWE ad.

RWE Giant

The Greenpeace spoof was conceptualized and produced by Christian Pundschus.