R&V Ballet Dancer

R+V (Besser+Vorsorgen) Insurance company in Germany has picked up the spirit of the Carlton Draught Flashdance audition in the story of a ballet dancer who goes against the odds throughout his life, saved in the end by his forward-looking insurance policies.

Ballet dancer and cut out family in R&V campaign

A young boy starts a lifelong journey to find his niche as a ballet dancer. Even when talent and inspiration fail him, perserverance and the help of his R&V funds make it happen. “Do not trust only on your talent. You can rely on the safe provision for the future of R + V. Guaranteed payment. Guaranteed safe.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Ballet Dancer campaign has an interactive side, online at R&V Zukunfts Vorsorge (Provision for the Future). The aged dancer interacts with characters, with the help of visitors to the site, to demonstrate the company’s support of a secure future.


The Ballet Dancer campaign was developed at Jung Von Matt, Berlin, by creative director Mathias Stiller, copywriter Jens Daum, art director Frederick (Feli) Hofmann, and agency producer Nadja Catana.

Filming was shot by director Steve Ayson via The Sweet Shop and Marken Film, Berlin with executive producer Lutz Muller, producer Candice Chubb, director of photography Greig Fraser and art director Martan Agh. Production Service Company was Laokoon Films, Budapest, Hungary.

Editor was Peter Sciberras at The Butchery, Melbourne. Music was produced at Level Two, Melbourne.