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The RSPCA in Australia is running a retail pet shop that undertakes to match pets with their owners, on the basis of personality and lifestyle rather than just looks. To promote that new advance RSPCA commissioned a television, print and radio advertising campaign with logo, shop design and merchandising to match.

RSPCA Snakes Now In

RSPCA Hamsters Now In
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What kind of human behaviour would indicate bird personality?

Radio Ads

What would a goldfish talk like? Or a chihuahua? Click below to play the radio ads.

Goldfish Radio ad

Chihuahua Radio ad

RSPCA Pet Shop Credits

The Pet Shop campaign was developed at George Patterson Y&R Brisbane by creative director David Joubert and Piet Human, art director Lee Sunter and copywriter Andre Hull, agency producer Tamyson Scott.

Filming was shot by director Jack Wareham via Taxi Film Production, Brisbane.

The radio ads were produced at The Voice Plant.