Terra Travel – Routine Sucks in Brazil

Internet provider Terra in Brazil has been promoting its online tourism portal with an observation based on the concept, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. “Routine sucks” is on the minds of men who wish they were somewhere else, on the snow, on the beach, in the country or in the city. The ads lead to Terra Brazil’s tourism portal, www.terra.com.br/turismo.

Terra Field and City Routine Sucks print advertisement

Terra Snow and Beach Routine Sucks print advertisement


The Routine campaign was developed at DDB Brazil by creative directors Marcelo Reis, Guilherme Jahara, Rodolfo Sampaio, Julio Andery, Sergio Valente, copywriter Otavio Schiavon, and art director/illustrator Gustavo Victorino.

Ads of the World awarded the Routine Sucks ads with Gold for Best Print the month of May.