Reproductive Health in The Philippines

Marie Claire in the Philippines has produced a series of print advertisements encouraging readers to think for themselves when considering the Reproductive Health Bill Campaign. “The Reproduction Health Bill. Don’t let someone else decide for you.”

Reproductive Health Bill campaign in The Philippines

The Philippines has one of the fastest growing populations in Asia. Which has a major social and economic impact on the country, especially on the millions living in poverty. For these people, there is no family planning advice or contraception available. As a result, nine-child families are commonplace and unwanted pregnancies are rife (between 600,000 and 800,000 abortions are carried out every year).

House Bill 5043, introduced by Rep. Edcel C. Lagman of Albay, aims to promote choices for family planning and age-appropriate reproductive health education; provide goods, services, and information; and create a nationwide reproductive health program.

The Catholic Church in the Philippines has made clear its opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill, concerned that the bill promotes artificial contraception and abortion and attacks religion.

Reproductive Health Bill campaign in The Philippines Reproductive Health Bill campaign in The Philippines


The Reproductive Health campaign was developed for Marie Claire at BBDO Guerrero, Manila, Philippines, by chief creative officer David Guerrero, executive creative directors Joel Limchoc, Simon Welsh, art director Dale Lopez, copywriter Tim Villela, account services Karen Go, photographer Paolo Gripo, retoucher Manny Vailoces, producer Al Salvador.

  • donnacuenca

    the pictures are not really convincing. they are rather morbid and gross.the models look like they are posing for a horror film. i think it will be better to change those above. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Doug Chanco

    I agree with the above, I could not figure out what the objectives are of the photos, other than to gross us out. Surely you could do a better job and find something a little more pleasant and interesting.

    • a

      i agree with u

      • i agree with you because if they are provoking people that the reproductive health bill is not good then what is the pictures connection? it doesn’t have any sense….
        how can they convince people?

        people in this generation are lot smarter so be very convincing…

  • ike

    The pictures are too graphic and do not represent any of the RH message the creator intend. It’s too grossing to make sale on the message.

  • It is now time to pass this bill. Many poor children nothing to eat are the victim of this circumstances. Priests are against it because they eat delicious foods I should know I am a sakristan before, they don’t experience hunger.

  • Juan

    Tell me why do we need a bill that was inspired by Planned Parenthood? Which is a huge moral dillemma in the United States because the bill was also introduced as ‘Reproductive Health’ ended up with millions of abortions done yearly.

    We already have so many parenting and health programs. Why have to spend more millions for this bill?

    Condoms are not illegal here. They are publicly available. The problem of this country was and always have been the lack of discipline and lack of desire to know better and good old corruption.

  • Lito Caguioa

    The Priest knows what God has asked them to do for the Filipino people. It is people who do not educate themselves from what God is truly teaching them. “LIFE” is very precious to God and it only takes one devil to lure every uneducated catholic who barely knows his own religion to KILL itโ€™s own. If you just open your eyes, your ears, your mind and most especially your heart on Gods words then you will surely be a good Catholic to know why abortion or any means of killing the unborn is not a way of Plan Parenthood but is the Devils way. Do not be a hypocrit of your religion, but to truly learn why life must go on. God did not create abortion nor did he teach it to man but if you start to listen to a man made solution to world existence that starts with ending the life of the unborn . YOU have a problem.