Red Cross Mexico Defeating Death

With the wave of swine flu sweeping through Mexico perhaps it’s time to revisit the award winning Red Cross commercial from 2006, “Muerte muerta” (Killing Death). Cruz Roja Mexicana launched an animated spot showing the many ways in which the organisation defeats the grim reaper.

Red Cross Muerte Muerta animation

Death’s attempts to claim the lives of Mexicans are thwarted by volunteers with Cruz Roja Mexicana. Victims are rescued from road accidents, burning buildings, illnesses, floods and earthquakes. “mas de 5 millones de personas auxiliadas con tan solo 29 mil voluntarios” is translated in English as “more than 5 million people backed with only 29 thousand volunteers”. “¿y a la cruz roja quién le ayuda?” is translated as “And who gets the Red Cross help?”

Click on the image below to play the video.

“Muerte muerta” was developed at Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi México, Mexico City.

Animation was by director Javier Gutiérrez via Ciberfilms, Mexico City, with executive producer Susana Jacques, producer Valeska Viveros, animators Rodrigo Arreche and Miguel Gonzalez, and digital artist Anette Muñoz.

The spot won gold awards for animation, non-profit organization, bronze awards for public service and sound design at Circulo de Oro 2006, along with a Silver Film Lion at Cannes 2006.