Racist Brain The Smallest

European Youth Campaign Against Racism, supported by Commission for Racial Equality, worked with Saatchi & Saatchi London to produce this print advertisement featuring four brains: that of an African, a European, an Asian, and a Racist. Small minded discrimination exposed!

Racist Brain print advertisement


The Racist Brain campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi London, UK, by creative director Adam Kean, art director Ben Nott, copywriter/typographer Adam Hunt, and photographer Nadav Kander.

Music in the video is Cypress Hill, Insane In The Brain.

  • George Wallace

    I don’t get it…Isn’t that just discriminating against racists?

  • colorado springs

    Every human being is racist, prefering their own “kind” over others. It’s inevitable. So I guess we all have tiny brains. Really dumb campaign!

    • If ‘kind’ always meant race, your comment would be plausible. It doesn’t.

  • Richard Honey

    My problem with this is that it reduces racism to an issue of individual intelligence rather than group/societal power. Having said that, I guess pointing out racism is a dumb response is no bad thing and I love the graphics/typography.

  • Zetu

    @colorado: the campaign might be dumb or not, but “every human being is racist”? Speak for yourself. This is complete b**it. You just make it easier on you to accept that you are racist by thinking this way. Sorry to break it to you, but NO, not everyone is racist, and YES, if you have racist thoughts you are lower than low and should do something about it or hang yourself.

  • Richard, I think it’s also pointing out that racism stems from this belief that other races or ethnicities are inferior to you because of their colour (hence brain size). That is how Europeans viewed Africans when they first arrived there. I think it draws from that perspective, as well as capitalising on the idea that only “small-minded” people are racist.

  • Garfonz

    “the more you know”

    “knowing is half the battle”

    I was at a bar, and met a poet. He created an metaphor/analogy – people are like ships.

    How do you know what is on a ship unless you read the “inventory digest”.

    If you want to get to know someone, you must draw from your experience to investigate that persons point of view, knowledge, ideas/concepts, and/or vernacular.

    If this is intrinsic, you may or may not be limited, because your personal experience may not have the needed “keys” to open the desired “doors” (I know the inference from this is that the ‘doors’ in people’s minds are locked, and need keys to be opened, which is not absolutely true, but is not absolutely false either…).

    If you approach a situation with a mind set, there is the potential to lead a person with your questions, which the investigatee may have the choice to follow, counter, or manipulate/transform your leading questions.

    This argument is inflammatory. On the other hand, what if all racists are not “small-minded”? Those racists could be skilled, knowledgeable, or well read, and therefore equipped to contradict an assertion such as this.

    Because of the arguments simple premise, there is little “substance” from preventing a racist from turning the tables on the argument, especially if that racist is mentally positioned to be detached from criticism and skeptical.

    Invoking a binary opposition may have complications depending on the “ship” you are exposing this idea to.

    I will not deny that I felt the power of the assertion, nor to I deny its validity in its intended context.

    Although if you desire a complete reversal of racist beliefs, then something more than a great looking image with metaphor is needed, as it leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation/inferences and applications of personal understanding.

  • j.j.

    Stop bitching about anti racism campaigns, This show that you’re actually racists or are related to this king of people.

    Even the most suppose educated racists do have a “small mind” that comes from small brains. You have to be pretty stupid, idiot, airhead, brain dead to not realize and see that we all the same inside. Racists obviously lack knowledge in science matters, even the basics, to understand the evolution and human nature.

    When you have seen that a cat or dog with white hair or any colour rejects other cats or dogs because the colour of their hair???

    How can you make discrimination to someone who discriminates other people? never.

    People here complaining must be racists like I said earlier, or total selfish assholes that don’t have a clue about what is to be discriminated for having a different quantity of melanin and/or being from other geographical places.

    Educate yourselves, grow up.

    Stupidity and ignorances are dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WithStarsOn

    Are you guys being serious, the campaign is about racists being small minded. Hence the ‘racists brain’ is smaller than the others. It does not say that racists literally have smaller brains nor does it mean that people who are African etc aren’t racist D;

    • sd

      The poster literally says brain. Nothing about minds can be found there. The poster lies and so do you.

  • Lena

    I actually think the poster makes a good point and I find it amazing that some of the commentators have taken the images literally or think that it is offensive to ‘racists’ – as if ‘racism’ is OK in our communities!

    One of the things I truly find grating though, is the term ‘racist’ and the continued use of this anachronistic, obselete and offensive term ‘race’ to categorise a group of people. Racial purity is a myth and so is the arbitrarily imposed term ‘race’ on large groups of people who have vastly differeing cultural and ethnic identities (which by the way, should only be used after self-identification).

    No we are not all ‘racist’, but a vast majority of people seem to have prejudices and what I would refer to as bigotry, towards other people, whether it is based on the colour of a persons skin, physical features, sexual orientation, gender etc. Some of these attitudes are due to lack of knowledge, few experiences with people outside one’s own social circle, unpleasant personal experiences (which are then used to generalise about all people), or predjudice passed down through generations by others.

    At least the poster gives a very powerful and clear visual image for people to start debating the issues of prejudice. Just look at the discussion it has generated here. Open and respectful discourse is the only way to achieve change in our societies, so that we all feel safe and secure no matter what part of the world we live in or what our cultural heritage and apperance may be.

    • sd

      If you want open and respectfu discourse, start by not lying. The poster is a lie and therefore its dissemination is a disrespectful act toward all.

  • lot

    They did another poster in this series which I much preferred but an’t find anywhere. It had a picture of the earth with the question superimposed
    ” Don’t like you neighbours?”

    “Move.” written way out amongst the stars.

  • Masud Hoghughi

    actually – blacks do have smaller brains on average than asians and caucasians……so this poster is BS

    • sandra

      You’re an idiot.

      • vetri

        Historically, all kind of races have found something great in their own culture.
        Most of Black African tribes didn’t wear a cloth when Europeans colonized them in 1600s.

        I am an Indian, who consider all humans as equal in love, friendship, any emotions, etc.

        If it comes to intelligence, Blacks are definitely inferior to Asians/Indians
        Just like Asians/Indians are inferior to Blacks in physical body size.

        I can’t understand, what is wrong with accepting truth.
        If all humans are equally intelligent while obviously not equally strong physically (like Asians vs Black),
        then Asians/Indians are inferior race in overall factors
        This is not possible after looking at historical achievements.

        Why truth hurts??

    • Mystery

      You’re the one with the small brain. Black people have same brain size as any other race.

  • Spindle

    Too bad a myriad of studies have proven that, on average, Asians have bigger brains than Whites, and Whites have bigger brains than Blacks.

    • vetri

      Asians, Whites, Indians, Blacks are all humans with equal emotions and love.

      These races are just like our fingers, which are same in everything except in how strong/wise if it comes to function.

      Some are better at something while not better at other things.
      Ex: Blacks better at Sports, but not at studies.
      Asians better at Studies. but not at sports.

      Note: Here I mean only typical/average, of course there are many exceptional people in any race

  • martin

    Average brain size is not the same in all human populations. Average cranial capacity in Europeans is about 1362 cubic cm, 1380 in Asians, 1276 in Africans. There is a trend with latitude – brain volume is lowest near the equator. There is nothing especially difficult about measuring brain volume. Direct measurement of a healthy brain is done, using magnetic resonance imagery, and the results are a mean black-Asian difference of about 1 standard deviation. This agrees with the IQ data, with East Asians scoring higher than whites, who in turn score higher than blacks. It all fits together. The only reason people want to deny it is ideological.

    • Kris

      Shhh! Leftists have a long history of burning people at the stake who use too much logic and reason, especially when it runs counter to the superstitions of the day.

  • Natalie

    Why is there no American?

  • amin

    When I read the question “Why is there no American?” I was like “woooooooow, what a stupid question.”

  • Mystery

    Man, racist people have small brains. All they do is call othe ethnties ugly, stupid, dumb. dirty crazy, ect beacuse the have nothing else better to do in life. We are all different. If we had the same look and did the same thin, our world would be boring as hell. Come on guys, your better than this, don’t be racist!

  • George Wyatt

    This is about as stupid (small-brained) a post as is reasonably imaginable.The inference is that brain size is somehow related to intelligence. That’s a rather unclear conclusion. However, the authors (presumably the European Youth Campaign Against Racism) want us to believe that it is true.

    To be blunt this is an amazingly stupid, racist, and sexist idea. To start with women’s brains are roughly 10% smaller than men’s brains. From Wikipedia.

    “Average adult male brain weight is 1,345 gram, while an adult female has an average brain weight of 1,222 gram.”

    Does the “European Youth Campaign Against Racism” want us to believe that men are 10% smarter than women. Brain size differences exist by race as well. See other comments for the numbers. Does the “European Youth Campaign Against Racism” want us to believe that Asians are smarter than whites who are smarter than blacks? Is that really the point here.


    However, one conclusion should be clear. The brains of the “European Youth Campaign Against Racism” can only be found with an electron microscope.