Quattro Mow The Lawn and Trim the Bush

Schick achieved viral success this year with a series of topiary-themed advertising campaigns for the Quattro for Women Trimmer and Shaver. The four-bladed razors, sold in the UK and France under the Wilkinson brand, and in the USA under the Schick brand, were introduced in three innuendo-filled campaigns each with television, online and print components.

Quattro Mow The Lawn clip

The UK campaign, the raciest of the three, features young women in a music video singing about mowing the lawn and trimming the topiary bushes. The campaign leads viewers to www.mowthelawn.co.uk. Double entendre is laid on thick, beginning with the lead actress stroking her pussy cat.

Sometimes a girl can’t help feeling a little blue
When everything’s a mess
My favorite thing to do
Is mow the lawn!
Mow the lawn
Mow it! Do it! Cut it! Trim it!
Some bushes are really big
Some gardens are mighty small
What ever shape your topiary
It’s easy to trim them all
Whenever I see a weed
I mow that rascal down
So all that’s left for me to see
Are tulips on the mound
So mow the lawn
Mow the lawn
Tool shed’s equipped
My floor is clipped
Never feel untidy
Just spruce up your Aphrodite
And mow the lawn
Feeling rough around the edges?
And mow the lawn
It feels great to trim the hedges
And mow the lawn!

Quattro Mow The Lawn clip

Quattro Mow The Lawn clip


The USA campaign was more subdued and subtle, with visual effects used to reduced the size of bushes. A voiceover provides the straight explanation. “Now it’s easy to shave, trim, and transform with the flick of a handle.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Mow The Lawn campaign was developed at JWT, New York, by chief creative officer Harvey Marco, executive creative director Sarah Barclay, creative director Lisa Topol, art director Megan Penmann, copywriter Margie Chidley, senior agency producer Kirsten Larson.

Filming was shot by director Mike Maguire via The Directors Bureau with executive producer Melissa Culligan.

Editor was Tom Vogt at BlueRock Editorial. Telecine was done at Company 3. Post production was done at Spontaneous. Animation was produced at Buck, by VFX supervisor Doug Wilkinson.

Music was produced at Beacon Street Studios, composed by Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau.

Quattro Mow The Lawn clip

Ma Garden Party

In France the Quattro was promoted online at Ma Garden Party, with a music video featuring up-and-coming French singer Simone elle est bonne focusing on designing the Garden of Eden.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Ma Garden Party campaign was developed at Arthur Schlovsky by associate director Franck Botbol, and Hugues Cholez, web production director Mathieu Lopato, web production manager Jean Nasr and account manager Marion Lemoine.

Filming was directed by Fernando De Azevedo via Caporal Films with producers Cedric Barus and Philippe Sabine.