Prostate Cancer Underwear Tests

Stiftung Prostrata, a Swiss trust focused on research into prostate cancer, has launched an eye-catching series of print advertisements encouraging men to take a blood test. What at first appears to be a series of men in their underwear turns out to be a demonstration of the power of early detection. Prostate cancer? A blood test will tell you.The early detection examination for prostate cancer no longer takes place where it would be expected. A simple blood test in the crook of the arm suffices. Preferably early on. Ask your doctor and gain information on

Prostate Thong

Prostate Boxers

Prostate Undies


The Stiftung Prostrata Test campaign was developed at Jung von Matt/Limatt, Zurich, Switzerland, by executive creative director Alexander Jaggy, copywriter Samuel Knaus, art buyer Erasmo Palomba, art director Patric Beeli and photographer Gerhard Merzeder, account supervisor Remo Brunner working with Stiftung Prostrata PR manager Thomas Lautenschlager.