Princesses Drink Milk for PMS and Ugly Hair

California Milk Processor Board (Got Milk) has released two television commercials using fairy tales with a twist to present milk as the way to deal with PMS and protein-deficient hair. The ads, “Sad Princess” and “Medusa”, designed for the Spanish-speaking audience, use the phrase, “Toma Leche” rather than “Got Milk”.

Sad Princess in Milk commercial

In “Sad Princess”, once a month, Sensitivity visited the unfortunate princess’ castle who without solace cried hour after hour, day after day. Brave princes came to try and control the sea of suffering but only one could calm the tempest.

In “Medusa”, the princess’ ugly hair was the reason she was unmarried until the king decided to offer his daughter’s hand in marriage to the man who could take the horrible hair. Not even the most courageous man could take on such a feat, until a wise peasant, without using neither force nor a sword, conquered the princess’ love.


The two ads were developed at California Milk Processor Board at Grupo Gallegos by chief creative director Favio Ucedo, group creative director Juan Oubiña, associate creative directors Saul Escobar and Curro Chozas, copywriter Edgar Hernandez, agency producer Carlos Barciela, account director Caro D’Antuono.

Animation was produced at Psyop by creative directors Marie Hyon and Marco Spier, design director Haejin Cho, executive producer Lucia Grillo, producer Michael Neithardt, assistant producer Tarun Charaipotra, lead 3D artist Christian Bach, 3D artists Florian Witzel, Jacob Slutsky, Ted Kotsaftis, Jimmy Gass, Todd Akita, Jae Ham, David Barosin, Alvin Bae, Tony Jung, Dan Fine, Rie Ito, Jeff Lopez, Xuan Seifert, Jonah Friedman, Jason Vega, Genessa Chamberlain, 3D animators Jason Goodman, Michael Shin, Alejandro Castro. After Effects were developed by Jason Conradt, Ted Kotsaftis and Fred Kim. Designers were Gordon Waltho, Anh Vu, Pete Sickbert-Bennett, Jungeun Jaye Kim. Storyboard artist was Ben Chan. Software was developed by Andreas Gebhardt.

Music was produced by Nylon Studios, New York. Sound was mixed by Gonzalo Ugartec at AZ Los Angeles.