Poster Children Younger than Jesus

The New Museum’s current exhibit “Younger than Jesus – The Generational”, is so named because of the fact that all of the artists in the show are under 33, making them among the most-labeled generation in history. The New Museum commissioned “Poster Children”, a short film by Superfad, to promote the show and critique society’s tendency to label this generation.

Poster Children screenshot from Younger Than Jesus The Generational promotional video

Two young models appear covered head-to-toe in Post-It Notes, each note containing a different generational stereotype. With striking stop-motion photography, Superfad rotated around these figures as they strip away the labels, until they are left wearing nothing. The rhythmic soundtrack, by rising dubstep star and Mercury Music Prize winner Burial, is simultaneously frantic and steady, reflecting the beat of the human heart.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Poster Children was produced at Superfad, by director/editor Tesia Alexandra Jurkiewicz, creative director Robb Rugan, producers Christina Roldan and Katie Larkin, copywriter Josh Chesler, with finishing by Josh Laurence.

Music is “Prayer” by Burial, HyperDub Ltd, London. Sound was mixed by Morgan Visconti of Human Worldwide.

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