Plascon Alter Ego

Freeworld Coatings in South Africa is promoting Plascon paint with “Alter Ego”, a television commercial for people who secretly yearn for change. The spot shows a couple whose alter egos leave their bodies to roam the streets in search of new colours.

Plascon Alter Ego

Amid the humdrum routine of everyday life one is inclined to disregard and repress certain impulses that, when taken into account, may lead to a more fulfilling life. We get caught up, lost. Dreams are often the vehicle through which these impulses are communicated. Furthermore, we’ve all woken from our dreams somewhat disappointed at finding ourselves in bed – or on the couch for that matter. Wishing we had retained something tangible of the experience, that it had been real, yet nevertheless having been privy to ideas that if implemented, might prove useful to us.

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The Alter Ego campaign was developed at King James, Cape Town, by group executive creative director Alistair King, creative director Devin Kennedy, art director Damian Bonse, agency producer Caz Friedman.

Filming was shot by Adrian De Sa Garces via Velocity Films, Cape Town, with director of photography Peter Tischhauser and producer Karen Kloppers.

Post production was done at Condor Cape. Editor was Saki Bergh at Left Post Production, Johannesburg. Music was composed by Theo Crause at Bellville Studios.