Pizza Pops Are Loaded

Pizza Pops, the Pillsbury brand of pre-cooked snack produced by General Mills in Canada, is being promoted as a dangerous addition to teenage diets. Four commercials show young adults recovering from the effects of explosions caused by messing with the “Loaded” Pizza Pop.

Robot's head in Pizza Pop Are Loaded commercial

The videos are linked with an online campaign, “Citizens Against Pizza Pops“, a site purportedly replacing, showing the horrified reactions of adults to the pizza pop explosions in their homes and neighborhoods.

Robot Friend

A young man holds the head of his robot friend, in the aftermath of an innocent interaction with a Pizza Pop.

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A lab technician recovers in the wake of an unpredicted action from one of the monkeys under his care.

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Deer Licking

An athlete emerges from an explosion to discover the team mascot cleaning up the mess…

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Karate Chop

A teenage boy and a midget in karate gear land on the ground outside their caravan….

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The Pizza Pops Are Loaded commercials were developed at Cossette Communications, Toronto, by creative directors Peter Breton and Dave Douglass, art director Colin Brown, copywriter Tom Greco, and agency producer Leanne McLellan.

Filming was shot by director Scott Corbett via Holiday Films, Toronto, with director of photography Jeff Venditti, executive producer Josefina Nadurata, and producer Gillian Gardner.

Editor was David Baxter at Panic & Bob, Toronto. Visual effects were by Andrew Hobbs, Amigo, Toronto.

Music and Sound Design were by Rocco Gagliese at Eggplant, Toronto.