Petit Bateau Months Pour Toujours

French childrenswear design company, Petit Bateau, is promoting its adults lines of clothing in an award-winning print advertising campaign, “Les Mois”. 21 models of various ages are shown wearing Petit Bateau clothing with their names and ages included in months rather than years. The campaign, launched on December 22 2008, features the tag line, “Pour Toujours”, in English, “For Always”.

Petit Bateau Ilona and Olivia

Twenty one portraits were taken, providing a large number of combinations of young and old, four of which are featured here. Included in the portraits of unknown models are Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, members of New York rock group MGMT (The Management). Petit Bateau launched the campaign in France and Italy, but will take it further to strengthen the performance of stores in Germany, Benelux, Great Britain, Spain, the USA and Japan.

Petit Bateau Josephine and Chantal

Petit Bateau Andrew and Francoise

Petit Bateau Chiara and Ben


The Months campaign was developed at BETC Euro RSCG, Paris, by creative directors Rémi Babinet, Florence Bellisson, art director Cyril Arandel, copywriter Véronique de Surmont, producer Florence Douaud, account managers Muriel Fagnoni, Valérie Albou, Christel Aquilon, Audrey Fraboulet, photographer Benni Valsson (from Iceland), art buyer Isabelle Mocq, advertising managers Philippe Berlan, Claude Hérail, Gaëlle Licoys and Virginie Boudet. Retouching was done at Spark Link.

Included in the campaign are Jacques 16 mois, Ilona 9 mois, Mickael 9 mois, Evan 13 mois, Chad 36 mois, Josephine 36 mois, Lola 42 mois, Chiara 18 mois, Nils 72 mois, Lilas Jeanne 96 mois, Starri 96 mois, Eddie 216 mois, Simon 240 mois, Chantal 241 mois, Jazzmine 300 mois, Andrew 310 mois, Ben 312 mois, Olivia 348 mois, Susan 708 mois, Robert 888 mois, and Francoise 924 mois.


The Months campaign won the Grand Prix de la Publicité Presse Magazine in Paris, 2009, and a gold medal at the Golden Award of Montreux, 2009, for Clothing & Fabrics.

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