Pet and Breakfast

Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam, a boarding lodge for animals, presents “Pet and Breakfast” as a superior alternative to taking pets on holiday in this print advertising campaign developed by Lowe Amsterdam. “Laat je huisdier lekker thuis”, is translated from Dutch to English as “Let your pet enjoy home”. Two dogs, a weimaraner and a poodle, are shown as potential breakfast for a shark and a cheetah.

Poodle and cheetah in Pet and Breakfast print advertisement

Weimaraner and Shark in Pet and Breakfast print advertisement


The Pet and Breakfast ads were developed for Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam communication and marketing specialist Marion Agema at Lowe, Amsterdam, by art director Maarten Vrouwes, copywriter Friso Ludenhoff, agency producer Mirjam van der Werff, account director Edgar Kuipers, with retouching done by Magic Group, Amsterdam.