Pepsi Refresh Everything with Obama

Pepsi is using the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20 as the basis for a user generated advertising campaign, Refresh Everything, in which members of the public upload their open-letter videos of optimism and hope to the new President. The campaign, online at and, has been seeded with a range of vox pops videos and an edited group invitation.

Jason Hearts of Joy in Pepsi Refresh Everything video

“What’s your message to our new President? Show the world by uploading your own video. All videos should begin with the words Dear Mr. President and end with your first name and where you are from. What you put in between is up to you. You can sing, dance, tell a joke—whatever reflects your hope and optimism for the future. Have fun with it. When your video is ready, upload it here. The best and most popular videos will be featured on this site.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

Jason in New York City suggests a dollar tax on gas to fund public works. Karla from California would like to see Americans grow in their capacity to build friendships. Ross from New Jersey writes a limerick of encouragement. Tim from New York City suggests the new President use full sentences and not say nuculear. Rachel from Michigan suggests new holidays such as a Street Yoga Day. Michael from Chicago suggests reintroducing arts education in schools. Jason from Brooklyn says it’s about time there was some cool in the White House. Carla from Manilla suggests making it easier for Filipinos to live in the USA. Magdalena from New Jersey would like it to be possible for her grandmother in Poland to visit without having to go through the process of needing a visa. Brittany from Philadelphia looks forward to the day when she can be proud to be an American. Andrew from Chicago has a poem on being ready for the new times ahead. Bharat in Bombay would like photography of trains to be legal again.

New Pepsi Logos Obama Logo

The “Dear Mr President” campaign strengthens the connection between the marketing of Pepsi and the marketing of Obama, perhaps confirming suggestions that the two brand logos are similar for a reason. Pepsi celebrated 100 years of business in 1998 with the unveiling of the new look logo, a three-dimensional globe against an ice blue background, designed as a universal symbol for one Pepsi family poised for innovation and world leadership as it enters the new millennium. Now, it appears, marketers are using a new logo, with a smile, to align the company with the mood of youthful optimism in the United States. See more on the history of the logo at Adage and Pepsi.

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