Pepsi Max Octopus Hero

Pepsi Max features in a series of commercials in which young men require a combination of courage and cunning to get what they want. In “Hero”, a young man collaborates with his friends to stage a confrontation with a giant octopus. The woman behind the bar at the resort is considering the suggestion of a date tonight. All it takes to clinch the deal is a spontaneous response to an emergency in the sea.

Pepsi Max octopus attack

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The Pepsi Max Octopus commercial is part of a campaign developed by CLM BBDO, Paris, by executive creative directors Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco, art director David Bertram, copywriter Leo Berne, and agency producer France Monnet.

Filming was shot by director Matthijs van Heijningen via Soixante Quinze, Paris.

Music was composed by Pascal Ebony and Fabrice Smadja at Attention O Chiens (AOC).

Actors are Gene Farber, Steve Talley, Thomas Lenk and Agustina Simonini.