Pepsi Create Your Wish For China

Pepsi China is celebrating the 60th anniversary of New China with an interactive creative challenge campaign online at, Taotao and QZone. The campaign is timed to coincide with National Day in China, October 1, marking the day in 1949 when Mao Zedong proclaimed the beginning of the People’s Republic.

Pepsi China Wish Site

Pepsi is partnering with internet service provider Tencent to call for entries with the theme, “Create your wish for China”, inspired by the Chinese song, Almighty China which features the line ‘China wishes you…’. Visitors to the Pepsi QQ site can interact with a creative meter and a geographically based creativity map tag cloud. The ten most popular wishes will win a coveted spot on a 2010 Pepsi TV commercial.

The previous three Pepsi Creative Challenges focused on user-generated content, including writing a TV script, submitting images online to be printed onto a Pepsi can and the Go China campaign which covered both text and images as support for Chinese Olympians.

The Create Your Wish for China theme will be featured in Pepsi’s television commercial produced for National Day by Tribal DDB, featuring thousands of young people using Pepsi cans as microphones.

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