Pedigree Crazy Pets

Pedigree, the Mars dog-food brand, has entered its first ever Super Bowl commercial this year, featuring the strange pets that make looking after a dog look like a picnic. Max the Bison, Bruno the Ostrich, Rusty Rhino, are joined by the voice of David Duchovny.

Pedigree Wild Pig in Crazy Pets spot

Ever think about getting an unusual pet like a bison, a boar, an ostrich or a rhino? See what happens to the pet owners in this Super Bowl ad, and then you’ll know why you should get a dog.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Pedigree YouTube channel has four 60 second behind-the-scenes interviews with the pet owners featured in the commercial, Max, Helen, Stephen and Susan, Esther, along with Esther’s mailman and son. Also check out


The Crazy Pets ad was developed at TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, by director of media arts Lee Clow, executive creative director Rob Schwartz, creative directors Chris Adams and Margaret Keene, copywriters Eric Terchila, Marcin Markiewicz, Ted Kapusta, art directors Paulo Cruz, Denise Zurilgen and Jera Mehrdad, executive agency producer Guia Iacomin.

Filming was shot by film production team Traktor via Partizan, with head of production Rani Melendez, executive producers Sheila Stepanek and Richard Ulfvengren.

Filming was edited by Dan Oberle at The Whitehouse Post. Visual effects were designed at The Moving Picture Company.

Sound was designed by Rohan Young at Lime Studios. Music was produced at New Math.