Pantene Violinist Shines in Chrysalis

P&G in Thailand is promoting Pantene Chrysalis shampoo with “Violin”, (ไวโอลิน), the story of a deaf girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. The four minute video was released briefly in September 2008, aired on television and in cinemas, and distributed online where it continues to grow in popularity.

Pantene Violinists in Bangkok

Inspired by a street violinist playing Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major, a teenage girl practices on the violin, perhaps one of the most difficult instruments to play without hearing. She is hampered by her cruel peers, in particular a girl who aims for greatness on the piano. Again and again the violinist returns to the street player for inspiration, finally making it to a classical music competition. Throughout the film we’re shown a chrysalis opening to reveal a butterfly. During the final scenes the girl’s hair is revealed as a symbol of her shining, along with a brief shot of the Pantene Chrysalis Shampoo bottle.

The spot was originally intended for cinemas but was extended to run in television and online. A holistic online strategy was laid out to maximize the exposure through trailers, YouTube metacafe clips and social blogs.

Grey Thailand’s Chief Operating Officer, Shilpa Swaroop, elaborates on the project. “P&G was willing to take a bold and unconventional approach, breaking away from the functional or celebrity endorsement based communication that is typical of the hair care category. The campaign’s main objective was more of an emotional connection with Thai consumers”.

Outlining an inspirational route to attaining self-confidence, the film demonstrates how one is able to shine from within. Pantene’s tagline “You can shine” speaks about unlocking one’s true potential where the brand plays a subtle, yet integral part of a woman’s intimate journey of confidence and self-discovery, eventually, manifesting itself in the presence of beautiful confident tresses.

Targeted at the Thailand market, Pantene Chrysalis exemplifies the power of inner beauty to deliver the message that with perseverance, even the seemingly impossible can be conquered.


Chrysalis (แดกแด้) was developed at Grey Thailand by executive creative director/copywriter Sajan Raj Kurup, copywriter Thanonchai Sornsriwichai, agency producer Bee, chief operating officer Shilpa Swaroop and account manager Joy.

Filming was shot by director Thanonchai Sornsriwichai via Phenomena, Bangkok.

The spot won a silver world medal for short film at the New York Festival (NYF) in February 2009.