Panasonic Skim Stunts

Panasonic have followed up their Australian mountain climber television commercial with a less controversial advertisement, this time featuring two hikers who demonstrate the Panasonic camera’s waterproof capacity on and in a remote stream. A hiker in a remote mountain location poses for his own photograph. Things improve for him as he spies another walker across the stream. The Panasonic Lumix camera is skimmed across the stream for another couple of shots. Things get interesting when the time comes to return the camera.

Hiker prepares to skim a Panasonic Lumix camera

Click on the image below to play the Skim Stunts video.


The Skim ad was developed at The Campaign Palace, Sydney by creative directors Cameron Hoelter and Kelly Putter, and agency producer Meredyth Judd.

Filming was shot by director Matt Murphy via Goodoil Films with director of photography Ian McCarroll, producer Ben Scandrett-Smith and production designer Ken Turner. Visual effects were developed at Fin Design and Effects. Editor was Bernard Garry at The Editors. Music and sound were produced at Song Zu by Simon Kane.