OVK Let It Ring in Belgium

OVK (Ouders Van Verongelukte Kinderen) is an organisation in Belgium supporting the Parents of Child Road Victims. The organisation partnered with Belgium’s most popular video sharing website GarageTV to raise awareness of the danger associated with using mobile phones while driving. The campaign won three awards at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2009: Promo Gold, Direct Gold and Media Silver.

OVK Let It Ring

The Let It Ring experience begins at www.letitring.be, where anyone can send a message in French, Dutch or English to their friends, providing an e-mail address and cell phone number. Their friend receives an e-mail with a link to Crazy Car Crash, what seems to be a typical internet movie. What the friend doesn’t know, is that he/she is playing the main part in it. As the video starts to play the viewer’s cell phone starts ringing. If the person answers, he/she generates an accident in the viral movie.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Let It Ring concept was developed at Happiness Brussels, by creative managers Karen Corrigan and gregory Titeca, creatives Tom Galle and Ramin Afshar. Online work was done at Bliss Interactive by interactive director Sebastian Weyler, produced at GarageTV and Paratel.