Orange Snowballs for Year Round Christmas

Orange France provided their customers with a Christmas deal that will last all the way through 2010, promoted with the the proposition, “Et si noël durait toute l’année ?” (What if Christmas lasted all year?). Christmas, traditionally associated with winter in France, is associated with summer imagery in outdoor and television advertising. Lenticular printing was used to transform posters from winter scenes to summer scenes.

Orange Snowman

Orange Beach Shed

Orange Palm Tree

Orange Sand


The TV commercial shows how a young man uses a snowball fight to perpetuate the magic of Christmas in his city. The spot leads viewers to where they can join the battle and find their year-long Christmas deal. Music is “Christmas is A-Coming (Chicken Crows at Midnight)” by Leadbelly.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)


The Year Round Christmas campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil WAM, Paris, by creative director Olivier Altman and Frédéric Royer, copywriter Olivier Dermaux, art director Mathieu Vinciguerra, agency producer Muriel Allegrini.

Filming for Orange was shot by director Frederic Planchon via Irene, Paris, with director of photography Patrick Duroux and line producer Francois Lamotte. Post production was done at Mikros Image, Paris, with post producer Anne Segrettin.

The lenticular posters were produced by JCDecaux Innovate, Paris.

Download Leadbelly’s Christmas is a Comin’ track from iTunes: Christmas Is a-Coming – Christmas American Blues

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  1. heather says:

    What if it did last all year round, does it happen every year/ If it happened every christmas and lasted all year wouldn’t that mean it wouldn’t stop?

    • Deux Doppel says:

      Gag is that the same link as in the article above, under the Snowballs heading?

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