Office 2010 The Movie

Microsoft has released a movie trailer for “Office 2010”, in the lead up to revealing details of their new software suite. The spoof is touted as the winner of the Redmond Local Film Festival, from Microsoft Office Studios, the visionary creators of Office 2007 and 2003. The campaign is online at,, and Facebook.

Microsoft Office 2010 Word

Intelligence has revealed a hacker, releasing rogue fonts on the internet. Readers of the font experience a transient hypnosis, believing anything they read. It affects legal documents, business plans, treaties worldwide. We’re given a glimpse of the grave of Clippy, the annoying little Help personification. “We need you back…” “Spell check this… D. E. D.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Office 2010 movie was developed for Microsoft by director/writer/DOP/editor/sound designer Dennis Liu at Traffik, with producers Matt Anderson and Jonathan Hsu, production designer Nicole Teeny, writers JT Arbogast and Gary Roosa, art director Kevin Su, director of photography Doug Emmett. Visual effects were developed at LOICA.