Ocean Recon for Submariners

The Royal Australian Navy is running Ocean Recon, an interactive site developed to provide a detailed insight into what life is like as a Royal Australian Navy Submariner. The product aims to raise awareness of what Submariners do on a daily basis and to give users a unique and detailed view into life onboard and the inner working of a Collins Class Submarine and its crew.

Ocean Recon Site

Ocean Recon presents users with four main missions that aim to teach about and allow control over different aspects of the Submarine. Once these missions have been completed, users are rewarded with a Submariner Qualification known as ‘Dolphins’ which mimics the process actual Submariners experience.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Ocean Recon campaign was developed at Visual Jazz by creative director Sammi Needham, producer Bridget Conway-Taylor, designers Matthew Slater, Matthew Dodos, Flash developers Stephen Woolcock, Erik Hallander, Nick Denton, 3D artists Beau Taylor, Lisa Axiotis, motion graphics team Matthew Slater, Oli Sansom, Patsy Lai, Jimmy Yuan, copywriter Bonnie Palmer, technical advisor LCDR James Lybrand, technical producer Graham Head, programmers Tom Wilson, Rob Jeschofnik, tester Vince Leoncio, web site developers James Myers, Tomma Morris, Patsy Lai, Nicole Castle.

Souond was designed at BangBang! Studios and Visual Jazz.

Augmented reality was developed at Boffswana and Visual Jazz.

Print designer was Dan Holland. Event coordinators were Chris Christis and Joe McKinley.