O2 Surprises with Ducks

British telecommunications group O2 is promoting its Top Up Surprises offer with a television, online, print and outdoor advertising campaign featuring yellow rubber ducks. Every time an 02 Pay & Go customer tops up their mobile they are given a code which allows them to play a game of hook a duck at www.02.co.uk/surprises and have the chance to win anything from free texts to LCD TVs and laptops. (For those who are having trouble entering their code, go to the Surprises site, click on “Play Now” and you’ll find a screen where you can enter a mobile phone number and code. Tick on the image beside the text “I agree to the terms and conditions”. Now click on “Log In”. )

O2 Surprise Ducks in Arctic

O2 Surprise Ducks in Waterfall

The tag line used across the campaign is “Surprises of all sizes, every time you top up”.

March of the Ducks

The TV advert shows the journey of the campaign’s rubber ducks from the Antarctic to the Amazon and finally to a pond in the UK where they are hooked by a fisherman.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Return of the Ducks (February 2010) video in YouTube

Pedestrians will notice specially fitted bus stops with panels filled with water and ducks that quack as they walk past, thanks to their sonic sensors.

O2 Ducks in Panel

O2 have developed an exclusive tie-up with the social networking site, Bebo, in which members who become friends with ‘O2 Top-up Surprises’ will be able to win ‘luv’ by spotting hidden ducks around the Bebo site.


The O2 Ducks campaign was developed at VCCP, London, by creative director Darren Bailes, art directors/copywriters Ben Daly and Nathaniel White, agency producer Olly Calverley.

Filming for March of the Ducks was shot by Charlie Crane via Knucklehead with director of photography John Barr and producer Bruce Williamson.

Post production was done at Finish by Flame artists Jason Watts, Steve Murgatroyd, and Byron Woofindin, production manager Francis Mildmay-White, CG supervisor Mark Gregory and Harin Hirani, producer Fi Kilroe,

Editor was Richard Orrick at Work. Sound was designed by Anthony Moore at Factory Studios. Music is by film composer Christopher Slaski.

Still photography is by Roman Dietrich.


    Ducks game is a waste of time. Each time I play gold, the prizes have nothing I want. Con!


    please make the game on the ducks site with the fishing rods back mine allways gold allways have been was lot more fun and better prizes too bring back thanx prizes now not worth collecting ? no is that why they are kept ask office of fair trading ?

  • kelly pressley

    So unimpressed with their ‘so called surprises’ the best for a gold top up offered was £1 credit. The other offers i can find myself on the internet. Total RIP OFF!!!

  • Ozzy Ozborne

    Just played duck game and what a waste a f**king time, been 02 customer for years giving them my hard earned coins just for that F**king duck to offered me the SH*T it offered me, change of network seriously considered

  • mrs m freeman

    the duck game is a waste of time. none of the choices are any good to me. they isnt the £1 any more,should be free talk time and minutes, i put £20 a month on,my husband puts 15 a month,what a load of rubbish, no point in even doing the o2 surprises any more,should really change to another ,

  • alan

    what a load of crap this is ive been an 02 customer since it began the prizes are rubbish.now….? gonna go and change to another company its your loss 02 .sorry.

  • David Neaven

    On the 24- 07- 2011. I topped up £20.00 of credit on my phone, as of to date I have not Recieved a SURPRISES CODE. Has this firm gone to sleep?

  • laura yates

    The rewards are dreadful. not worth claiming .

  • tony

    i think the same as every other customer what a load of crap o2 u need to do somthing before u lose more custom ive been with you since the start n i have had enough 1 very pissed off customer 🙁

  • d jinman

    y is it that all your surprise are for the young people the top up gifts you offer are crap please do some for people of 60 plus yours d jinman

  • ernest doey

    i have been with o2 most of my life the surprises u give us now are crap the best one use had was a pound and it wasnt great and now it is off aswell im not happy give us something better

  • R

    it is a waste of time lately, I spent a lot of money and nothing good 🙁

  • ronny

    were do you get this crap lucky bags or lucky middens at least put up or close down cant be botherd no more with this shite

  • BAmmYYTThomSSonnBaBBy

    Ummmmmmmmm well o2 i Love you!! I have been on on from the first ever phone i got!! I love all the prizes because if you are going to put money on your phone you do it not just to get them but also to talk with friends and family!! o2 are fooking amazing and people are just wanting more out of them because they put money on hoping to win well dont waest your money on it then

  • Sakib Rahman

    o2 ur letting us down your profits going to go down the drain :{

  • Amy

    Why have this if does not. Work

  • scooter

    why if i have topped up my phone have i not received any surprises , i have not had any codes sent to me since last year . is it because we now get moments .original eh ? oh no that’s right orange were doing that 3 year ago . come on sort yourselves out…………

  • owe

    I love it

  • debra

    I haven’t had any surprises since I joined o2 can u please help me out.