O2 Surprises with Ducks

British telecommunications group O2 is promoting its Top Up Surprises offer with a television, online, print and outdoor advertising campaign featuring yellow rubber ducks. Every time an 02 Pay & Go customer tops up their mobile they are given a code which allows them to play a game of hook a duck at www.02.co.uk/surprises and have the chance to win anything from free texts to LCD TVs and laptops. (For those who are having trouble entering their code, go to the Surprises site, click on “Play Now” and you’ll find a screen where you can enter a mobile phone number and code. Tick on the image beside the text “I agree to the terms and conditions”. Now click on “Log In”. )

O2 Surprise Ducks in Arctic

O2 Surprise Ducks in Waterfall

The tag line used across the campaign is “Surprises of all sizes, every time you top up”.

March of the Ducks

The TV advert shows the journey of the campaign’s rubber ducks from the Antarctic to the Amazon and finally to a pond in the UK where they are hooked by a fisherman.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Return of the Ducks (February 2010) video in YouTube

Pedestrians will notice specially fitted bus stops with panels filled with water and ducks that quack as they walk past, thanks to their sonic sensors.

O2 Ducks in Panel

O2 have developed an exclusive tie-up with the social networking site, Bebo, in which members who become friends with ‘O2 Top-up Surprises’ will be able to win ‘luv’ by spotting hidden ducks around the Bebo site.


The O2 Ducks campaign was developed at VCCP, London, by creative director Darren Bailes, art directors/copywriters Ben Daly and Nathaniel White, agency producer Olly Calverley.

Filming for March of the Ducks was shot by Charlie Crane via Knucklehead with director of photography John Barr and producer Bruce Williamson.

Post production was done at Finish by Flame artists Jason Watts, Steve Murgatroyd, and Byron Woofindin, production manager Francis Mildmay-White, CG supervisor Mark Gregory and Harin Hirani, producer Fi Kilroe,

Editor was Richard Orrick at Work. Sound was designed by Anthony Moore at Factory Studios. Music is by film composer Christopher Slaski.

Still photography is by Roman Dietrich.

  • barbara quigley

    like most people you want money off free calls,not even picture messages money off places i dont use.i liked free minutes % off,texts etc.what yous have on offer i have knocked back and tried a few days later picked different ducks and still get the same,i also dont think the game is that good my 7year old thats blind can do it.please get sorted before i look for a better deal and i have always have been a 02 customer thanx

  • joyce davies

    over the last 5 weeks i have topped up 40 pounds and been given 2 seperate codes neither of them are accepted ,i am thinking of changing networks.

    • amy

      i think you should i only toped up 10 pounds it said that i had unlimited and free texts and i sent one text and i had £9.76 that total rubbish .

  • l culligan

    these prizes r rubish i agree with every thing that has bin saidyou cant even play the the game

  • Donna Wood

    It is the same prizes month after month, what has happened to the txts and the free minutes that help people out with friends on other networks. I am also considering changing networks and I have been with o2 for about 10 years or more.

  • annie lawson

    please go back to the hook a duck and the prizes how they were ,the prizes now are usless

  • Wes

    What ever happened to the old reward system?, you’d have to choose a reward every month, provided you topped up (every month in the last 3 months, I think)

    I always used to choose free voicemail but the stuff I’ve been getting from the ducks is a load of crap, I’m sure I used to be offered free mins, texts or a percentage off calls on the older system as well

  • jarlath mcgregor

    topped with 20pounds and got gold reward looked at gold section what a load of rubbish silver seemed better but it wouldnt let me play silver ,had to p;ay gold think it will be my last top up with o2 instead i think i,ll try tescos mobile that way i can use my points on useful household items or airmiles o2 should hang their heads in shame or maybe they think were all daft remember o2 the costomer is always right and have the choice to shop elsewear

  • Robert Campbell

    Give us back the free calls and txs asyour Beauty meals and discounts are rubbish

  • nicole

    this is wierd i have no idea wat 2 do xx my phone number is for the house is 552027xx phone me and ask for nicole:)

  • nicole sarah jennifer anne elizebath victoria young


  • uresh

    )2 suppries useless they dont work I have two codes and they dont work and I west my time going mucking about tey shold give us EXTRA mintes I am thing go some were ea.ls

  • nichola reid

    bring back hook the duck with better prises,more minutes,textes

  • I think 02 surprises are a load of rubbish ive decided to change my network to vodaphone

  • n rostron

    surprises are not as good as they used to be. you get better offers off other networks. I think this is the last time i top up with o2. Didn’t even claim “surprise” it was that crap.

  • phil

    L have been with 02 for years, when they introduced 02 surprises they promised that you could games consoles, pcs, etc in all the years of playing l have never won anything, it was always free texts, free minutes etc.
    But now its crap , they give you nothing and offer you crap offers , but want you to spend , before you get anything off , its a con, its marketing and its crap!!
    Shame on you 02 , you offer nothing and free market crappy companies that want our business.
    Complain, complain, complain guys and stop this crap in its path.
    Lm changing users , not been used anymore , l suggest you all do the same !

  • john

    the prizzies that 02 r gving out r crap they r ripping the us coustomers off what good r £5 of a meal an sports gear when them shops r not in my area about 600miles away then give u free txts sure get them anyway there are no good prizes all the people i know who are 02 hv never won anything either its just a scam to tell u the truth 02 should b ashamed off themselves the prizzies hv got worst instead of better just go bk to giving free credit to other networks an they only last 72hours another joke fk sk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jean

    i think the prizes on 02 are usless especialy on gold u wud expect to get something decent wen ur spending 15 pound instead u get things that are no good too you u get better things if u get silver bout time they changed the prizes and make them worth having all my family are on 02 and have been for along time and none of us has ever had a big prize yet and we spend loads not as good as they say they are.

  • Simon Dicks

    ive been with o2 all my life and iv never won anthing big like cash or a ps3, just s@@t like graze box, free day out or 50% off a photobook! i am very dissapointed in o2 and im thinking of moving to another provider!! i top up £20 a month every month & somtimes more and dont get anything back apart from cr@p i dont want!!!

  • alex19642009@live.co.uk

    hi there im sick off the same surprises every month it says you change it every month but you dont cause i keep getting the same old stuff every month , to be honest i think the game is a gimic come on 02 i thought you were better than that, im seriously thinking off changing my network im fed up with the same surprises all the time !!!! 🙁

  • Jane grannysilversurfer

    I agree some stuff is not a lot of use for you youngsters, but at 55 I do not want 100s of texts.Thought my last surprise would be good 25% off at mememe cosmetics, coo! hide the wrinkles cheaper. But when I took my basket to the checkout, no provision for entering a code, and they do not answer emails. ~Great prize when you cannot even claim it!



  • yes i agree with all the above, bring back, free minutes and texts, other wise your customers are going to walk?

  • rod

    i think your prizes are crap

  • viktor

    im currently reading all comments about the subject, on here and other threads and i must say all these people complaining cant even spell the most basic words….??? how did you enter the codes correctly? lol nah but the o2 ting is propper poop. This network should stay away from prizes for other company’z and only give out network related stuff like calls txts ect ect…. or bring in a SORRY YOU HAVE NOT WON THIS TIME, so you cant be kicking the kerb for losing.

  • Andrew

    Well! that load of rubbish was no surprise – and no prize when you have to pay
    to get it…………..2 for 1 etc. If I did lose my mind and go for one thats a lot less to spend on 02.
    Now thats a reverse positive, less on 02 = few chances of surprises I do not want, need or can use.
    Think I will just get £10 worth in future and skip the surprise.

  • gail mumby

    The 02 suprises are now totally rubbish and useless to alot of people. What has happened to the free text and calls? These benefit people more than what is being offered lately. I thought 02 advertised to be the best and they look after their customers. I dont think so some how.

  • Bob Roworth

    I was with Line One when 02 took over, so have been with them a long time. However since I’ve never won a, laptop/netbook a holiday, games machine or any of the wonderful prizes that were going to be on offer, it’s my intention to call it a day. It looks as if they don’t want ‘Pay As You Go’ subscribers any longer. I’ll look to see what the other networks have to offer when this last top up is spent.

  • Julie

    Another month I am not claiming my prize. Why would I want a surprise where I have to spend more money in order to claim my prize?
    Would have preferred free texts or calls as my gift. Its the first time I have topped up for a gold surprise. I am so disappointed in your prizes. High Street vouchers are of no use to me. How about more realistic prizes? Not very happy!

  • ALAN

    I ALSO THINK ITS A DISGRACE WHO USES THESE PLACES WERE THE OFFERS ARE FROM TOFFEE NOSES LOL,02 you need to bring back the old system with choices we like not what your being offered as part of a pay packet to yourselves,thus then ripping us lot of with cheap gimicks SHAME ON YOU 02

  • anthony hart

    i agree with other peoples comments, bring back the old hock ducks and the old prizes,

  • barry

    once again i have topped up with £20 on o2 i have put my number in and i am told that the number does not match,well done 02 for joining the rest of the never decreasing number of companies who rip of britain,i’m sick to death with all of you people

  • colin daniels


  • PAM

    I also agree with all the above, 02 used to be brill free texts ect ect now nothing worth bothering about, i WONT be bothering even to log on to 02 surprises any more

  • JOHN

    What a load of rubbish, just come back to PAYG after 2 years on contract and about 5 years PAYG before that. Much prefer free talk time etc, this is usless. guess its time to change networks after all.

  • Alan steadman

    what aload of crapp these prizes are , i have never been able to colect any prizes for the last 4 years , becausde i do not live near any venues or can collect any other prizes because i do not shop at sainsburys . and i am balled so how can i get my hair done.

  • jon l loughlin

    its got to the stage now its not worth the time or effort to hook a bl..dy duck shoot them and just get rid and stop trying to fool people with rubbish the woombles would not even take total crap

  • Pebbs

    I find the whole hook a duck thing a BIG CON. Recently I have been keeping a number of times that I have tried playing the Silver game and after hooking all the ducks ( I press the return key and enter again)what do you find? that all the ducks reveal the same set off prizes to be claimed and not different ones for eack duck. Would be nicer to just say if you have topped up here is a list of prizes you may claim. End off. Not happy with this at all!

  • steve

    hi ive ben on 02 for about a year now and when i used to top up it helped me out now u have got theses prizis that mean nothink at all to me and i think unless u change back to the old style ur going to lose a lot of nice people that have been with 02 for years sort it out u rip offs.

  • Mike Scott

    I agree the o2 suprises are really poor, i dont bother to even look now & im considering moving from o2. Anybodys thoughts on Virgin PAYG?

  • Angie

    I agree with all your comments i am supposed to get free calls and texts to all my friends on 02 … well let me tell you that is not right 02 st
    op conning people and give us what you say you will.

  • alison stevenson

    I think 02 surprises are a load of rubbish, as people have commented that the rewards are things that we would not use, what happened 2 hook a duck on £10 top up!

  • john young

    i think this thing with 02 surprises is a load of bollocks ive never seen a company such as 02 let their customers think that they are goin to get sum fantastic surprise wen its not its always the same crap who want £5 off things that they dont want wot happened to free call time etc? 02 if ur gonna rip me off an ur thousands of other customers then id rather be with a different mobile network, only urselfves can change this if not then i,ll be goin else were so 02 sort it out…

  • Tim

    Have you NO shame or embarrassment o2? Why do you proffer these cheap, meaningless prizes where one has to spend more than the prize offered. I have spent my last monies on o2 top ups. I would have thought by now you would have startred given something worhwhile to your customers for loyalty.

  • S Bijani

    It’s obvious that O2 are more interested in the marketing of other companies – speedo, mango, photobox etc- and probably earning money from this as opposed to giving customers what they really want ie free calls/texts etc or actually FREE and decent stuff. When is o2 going to start listening to their customers as opposed to making marketing friends with other companies and trying to cheat their customers into thinking they are giving them something – we are not that stupid!!!

  • lorraine

    think its time to change!..have been with o2 for years and never won anything decent..It appears to be a scam this reward thing…Any advice onto which network i should choose anyone???

  • E J Thompson.

    I agree with most of the comments about the rubbish{ prizes,} get back to free txt and cheaper calls or scrap it all together and bring down the cost of all calls, or im walking.–

  • charles seymour

    I agree with most of all the comments posted and I am also thinking about changing networks unless 02 start to address the problems we are all facing with the surprises since customer satisfaction should be paramount to thier company and to us as customers. come on 02 sort this out !!!!


    i have been an o2 customer for yrs and when they bought out the suprises for when you top up it was fun and interesting, but now its a load of crap not even worth going onto them anymore very very disappointed seriously thinking of changing network

  • sharon

    why can we have choice of free mms pic messages if we dont what anything else

  • Gary Stephenson

    I prefer the shooting duck game where you can earn £1 top-up

    • At last! Someone who unsdetrands! Thanks for posting!