NY Lotto Sweet Million Sweeter Than Sweet

NY Lottery have been promoting their Sweet Million jackpot with a television and online advertising campaign trading innocent sweetness for lucrative sweetness. The spot opens on a slumber party of puppies, kittens, piglets and chickens frolicking in their tiny pajamas. Tucked away in their mini sleeping bags, the baby animals doze off on a cloud of adorability. Suddenly, a giant neon signs crashes down on their roof and announces “Sweet Million is sweeter than sweet. Which is sweet.” The Sweet Million site invites visitors to watch the drawing of the Sweet Million lottery with support from sweet animals, make their own sweetscape and share it with the public.

Sweet Million Animals

Click on the image below to play the Sleepy Time video.

Rabbits at the fair. How much sweeter could you get? Click on the image below to play the Carnival Bunnies video.


The Sweet Million Sweeter Than Sweet campaign was developed at DDB New York by chief creative officer Eric Silver, creative directors Gerard Caputo and Reuben Hower and agency producer Jason Way.

Filming was shot by director Randy Krallman via Smuggler, with producer Ed Zazzera.

VFX were produced at Framestore, New York. Flame artist Raul Ortego took the live action plates of the cute critters and added extra sweetness by digitally inserting animal expressions. Framestore’s compositing team also created the end treatment in post production from a real neon sign model.