NPower Wallace and Gromit

Npower, a UK energy company supplying electricity and gas to both residential and business customers, is continuing to collaborate with Aardman to promote their services, this week opening up the energy-saving house of Wallace and Gromit. The advertising campaign, launched in March 2009 online at, shows energy efficient, eccentric inventor Wallace, trusty companion Gromit, power installer whizz Bob and customer service superstar Penny tinkering and toying with ideas to bring customers handy tips on saving energy and money.

NPower Wallace and Gromit

To coincide with Energy Saving Week, npower is marking Energy Saving Week with a digital expression of the campaign, showing off Energy Saving House, the home of Wallace and Gromit. Users logging onto the site will gain a unique insight into Wallace & Gromit’s world, learning entertaining and valuable energy saving tips as their mouse roams over clickable objects and Wallace’s inefficiency ‘detect-a-tron’ highlights where savings can be made.

NPower Wallace and Gromit

Merlin Crossingham, director for the Wallace and Gromit TV ads, aid: “This is a great way to have a look around 62 West Wallaby Street, the home of Wallace & Gromit. Usually when we are making a film we follow a rough plan of the house, but we use our creative licence to adjust details to our convenience.

“Windows, doors and even whole rooms have moved from film to film. It always seems like there is more room inside than there is on the outside. This time we have laid the house out so that it can be explored to find energy saving tips from npower.”

Home Team

Will Wallace get the best boiler system? Will his home heating be perfect? Will he get into hot water? The advert was launched in March 2009.

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Will Wallace be counting sheep or savings? Will he be warm and toasty for winter? This advert, launched in July 2009, answers these questions and more.

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The Wallace and Gromit series was developed at Beattie McGuinness Bungay and animated by Aardman director Merlin Crossingham.

NPower Wallace and Gromit Insulation Sheep

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