Norah Jones Chasing Pirates

Norah Jones is promoting “Chasing Pirates”, the first single from her fourth album, The Fall, with a music video. Norah’s quest for the sea begins as she follows the instructions on a map, found with a message in a bottle. Norah Jones explores her fascination with all things pirate, with her New York City apartment being transformed into a pirate ship.

Norah Jones Chasing Pirates

Norah Jones Chasing Pirates


Filming for Norah Jones Chasing Pirates was shot by director Rich Lee via DNA with producer Justin Si Diener, director of photography Stephane Vallee, editor Ken Mowe. VFX were produced by Rich Lee at Proof, with art director Alex Pascion, colorist/telecine Dave Hussey. Chris Lee worked on the visual effects for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Commissioner was Danny Lockwood.

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