Nokia N900 Focus Group journey starts here

Nokia is releasing the Nokia N900, a mobile phone running on the Maemo platform, after months of testing, tweaking and hard work. We’re given a hint of the transition from human ideas to an actual phone with “Focus Group”, a television commercial presented in the form of a surveillance camera film.

Nokia N900 Focus Group

This begins like any ordinary focus group for a cell phone, throwing around the futuristic hopes of phone users. Not all is as it seems however. Viewers will be rewarded by staying focused until 1:45 minutes, with unusual and disturbing footage of a shape shifting kind right through to the end at 2:36.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Focus Group ad was developed at Jack Morton by creative David Masters and producer Michael Richards.

Filming was shot by director David Masters, with The Mill Studio producer Luke Colson. Post production was done at The Mill. 3D work was done by Bif collective Fabrice Le Nezet, Francois Roisin and Jules Janaud. After effects were produced by Henry Foreman and Shake/Nuke artist Rod Norman. Editing was done by James Mortner at Final Cut. Colourist was Seamus O’Kane.

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