Nissan Tiida Sardine Can

For a small car, the Nissan Tilda feels incredibly spacious inside. Tequila in Sydney created a direct marketing campaign to let current or previous Nissan customers know that they can enjoy the low price and economy of a small car, without feeling boxed in. This was demonstrated through a direct marketing pack made to look like a sardine can. When the pack was initially opened, it reflected how it can feel when you drive a small car. But once the viewer delved further in, it revealed that while the Tilda is a small car, you won’t feel squashed like a sardine, as you can do in other small cars. The campaign generated nearly $220,000 of sales, with an ROI of 1.78 and a conversion rate of 46% – a great achievement for a high value product.

Nissan Tiida Sardine can

The campaign is a finalist in the John Caples International Awards, which honour the best in direct and interactive marketing around the world. Results from the Awards will be out in March 2009.

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