Nike Women in Distances

Nike Women presents the small distances between mens and womens records for 100 m sprint, high jump and long jump with “Bus Stop”, “Step” and “Bench”. The gap between 10.49 seconds and 9.69 seconds is just a bus stop. The gap between 2.09 m and 2.45 m in high jump is just a step. The gap between 7.52 m and 8.95 m in long jump is just a bench.

Nike Bus Stop

Nike Step

Nike Bench


The Nike Woman campaign was developed at Ogilvy, Johannesburg, South Africa, by chief creative officer Gerry Human, executive creative director Fran Luckin, creative director/art director/designer/illustrator Mike Martin, account executives Fiona Chessman and Manuela de Deus, copywriter Alison Hingle, photographers Mike Lewis and Chris Saunders and retoucher Grant Moore.