Nike Women Be Transformed in Animation

Nike is running an online advertising campaign for Nike Women, Be Transformed, featuring women whose exercise takes on extra power with the aid of animation. Punching Bag, Jump Rope, Meteor and Bike all show the transforming power associated with the Nike Women brand.

Nike Women Be Transformed image

Sonia Kong’s boxing routine takes on new significance as she battles the powers of darkness. Click on the image below to play the Nike Punching Bag video in YouTube (HD)

Mel Lozano takes her jump rope routine into higher and higher realms of fantasy, introducing her to new creatures and sights never seen before. Click on the image below to play the Nike Jump Rope video in YouTube (HD)

Hannah Lo’s kickboxing practice jumps into cosmic mode as she rescues the planet from impending doom. Click on the image below to play the Nike Meteor video in YouTube (HD)

A woman races the pack on her gymnasium exercycle, entering the velodrome and racing to victory. Click on the image below to play the Nike Bike video in YouTube (HD)


The Be Transformed campaign was developed at AKQA, San Francisco, by creative director Neil Robinson, associate creative director Steve Clements, art directors Chantal Mora, Ian Aldous, Jimmy Soat, senior copywriter Bob Hall, copywriters Ellen Karas, Stephanie Kodeck, executive producers Mazen Haddad and Nancy Cardillo.

Filming was shot by director Rohitash Rao via Curious Pictures, New York, with live action director of photography Jeff Venditti, and editor Bob Mori.

Animation for Jump Rope was developed at Zoink Animation, Gotenborg, Sweden, by lead animator Klaus Lyngeled and live action producer Shannon Lords, with editor Bob Mori, post production supervisor Paul Schneider, executive producer Mary Knox and head of production John Cline.

Animation for Punching Bag, Meteor and Bike was developed at Humoring The Fates, Tampa, Florida, by lead animator Jesse Norton and live action producer Shannon Lords.