Nike MVPuppets with Santa Claus and Reindeer

Nike have launched a new promotional campaign for their basketball line, bringing back the Most Valued Puppet team of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, this time accompanied by Santa and the Reindeer. A series of commercials was timed to coincide with the buildup to the Christmas Day basketball game between LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Nike MVPs Santa and Reindeer

Blitzen Raps

The self-proclaimed #1 reindeer in the world has a message for Santa Claus, voiced by Lupe Fiasco.

B to the L-I-Tee-Zee
Three suckers plus one me equals too easy
Believe me the top of your wish list better read
A chance to beat me
Because you never got that

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Santa Raps

Santa Claus, voiced by KRS-One, has something to say to Blitzen after the reindeer challenged him to game of basketball. Looks like it’s time to lace them up.

Y’all got issues and I’m not a subscriber/ You the reindeer, I’m the driver/ Kris Kringle, the gift’s in my saliva/ I got every address in the hood, I’ll find ya

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Dunkin on Reindeer

1, 2, 1, 2. King James and Kobe too. The game is called for what it is…

Vixen crying to Blitz like ‘Oh no!
LeBron took one from behind the free throw!’
LeBron rose up, looked at him again said
Merry Christmas Blitz’
And shattered the rim

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His sweater is Coogi, his belly is round
Bet you didn’t know the biggest baller lives way, WAY, uptown
Just because he eats cookies doesn’t mean he can’t fly.
Santa’s got hearty handle, a jolly jumper and takes to the sky.

The Reindeer were trash-talkin’ about how Kringle’s game was gone.
So he got on the celly and holla’d at his boys Kobe and LeBron.
On that magic court, on that magic night
The fellas got busy and Santa got right.


The MV Puppets campaign was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, by creative directors Jeff Williams, Alberto Ponte, copywriter Edward Harrison, art directors Sasha Swetschinski, Matt Murphy, head of production Ben Grylewicz, senior agency producer Matt Hunnicutt, agency producer Jessica Staples.

Filming was shot by director Stacy Wall via Imperial Woodpecker, New York, with executive producer Doug Halbert, producer Jeff McDougall and director of photography Emmanuel Lubezki.

The puppets were created at Legacy Effects (the newly named Stan Winston Studios). The team of puppeteers who worked on this included Greg Ballora and Greg Manion (Lebron), Rob Saunders and Dave Barclay (Kobe) with Christine Papalexis, Alison Mork, Blake Bolger, and Patrick Gerrity assisting. The Kobe puppet’s voice was supplied by David Allen Grier; Lebron’s was done by SNL’s Kenan Thompson.

  • Corey Oshnenaniew

    That distasteful,irresponsible commercial emulating a black santa not only explains your lack of vision and insight(not to mention the marketability of such a gimmick) but how much help your f-ing company must need!!!

    If You were implying a black santa is possible because this country has elected a black president does not mean your company can use a tradition that involves religion to fit your need to sell f-ing shoes is absolutly appalling!!! I am not christian or jewish, in fact, I am not even an american citizen!!! I am a survivor of the Menominee Nation of the state refered to as Wisconsin!!! As I see it, the Nike company of Oregon owes the Natives that were removed for your company to be present at that location respect and dignity. Something this supposed country was built upon but can never be acted upon by all of you illegal-immigrants!!!

    Also, since I have spent 150 dollars on 2 pair of shoes made by You, NOW You OWE the Menominee Nation!!!! If You believe that your company’s success is built upon pro basketball players or the urban people you are catering to, then you need to hire some different people to sell your garbage!!! It has been a rule in my house,that NO-ONE wears nike in my presence, although lately I have been lax on that rule, THAT commercial reminded me of why such a rule existed.
    Sincerely, Menominee Nation

  • Apahnah Awaehsaeh Oshkenaniew

    And I second that emotion

  • Deux Doppel

    A black Santa? The original St Nicholas was most likely a bishop in what is now known as Turkey, not exactly ‘white’.

  • Jay Warren

    WoW… why are you crying. It’s just a commercial and don’t be made because “YOU” paid $150 on some sneakers when you should of payed your rent. Grow up and tell coach to put you in the game cause you’re breaking the bench.

  • Corey Oshkenaniew

    hey Jay, I don’t play basketball and how is that even relevant considering I wasn’t talking about me playing any basketball and furthermore you don’t even know how to spell “mad” so why should I even validate your idiotic response? not to mention that I can pay rent you dumbass clearly I have internet access and still have a home but you know since you can’t spell right I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, do yourself a favor and buy a dictionary not Nike shoes