New Citizen Program Illiterit in China

Ogilvy Beijing and New Citizen Program commissioned local artists to create “Bricks”, “Barbed Wire” and “Glass”, three installation art pieces placed outside popular art galleries in China. The provocative installations symbolize the effects of illiteracy on children affected by relocation to cities with their migrant working parents. Statistics show that a quarter of the 21 million children who have moved to cities with their migrant working parents have no hope of getting an education. Each of the installations included information on the campaign along with a phone number to call to donate money. Enough money was raised to commission a new school and enrol 950 new students.

Illiterit Bricks art installation

Illiterit glass art installation

Illiterit Barbed Wire art installation


The Illiterit campaign was developed at Ogilvy Beijing by executive creative director/art director Nils Andersson, creative director/art director Forest Young, copywriters Yuan Zhong, Matthew Curry, Song Yue, Kweichee Lam, Echoo Lee, art directors Lena Hou, Roky Ren,Yu Zhenhua, Billy Lu, photographers Johnny Pan and Wolf Liu.

The ‘Barbed Wire’ execution won the Best of Year Lotus for Outdoor at Adfest this year, while the ‘Glass’ won a silver award.

via Campaign Brief

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