NATO 60 Years of Peace and Security

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a set of three videos designed to remind people of six decades of solidarity, collective defense and the shared goals of peace, security and stability. The three commercials show what at first appear to be situations of danger, each one resolving into peaceful activity. The treaty was signed on 4 April, 1949, by Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

Nato Stairs TV commercial

In “Run” children run and fall over. Dogs bark… “People often take freedom and security for granted. We don’t.”

In “Basement” we’re presented with a confusing set of scenes. “Is this a prison? Is that the cold sweat of fear or the hot sweat of exhaustion? Freedom to do what you want. We help that happen.”

In “Staircase” a woman closes her windows and checks security while outside the sky lights up with explosions. “You want a life of freedom and stability. So do we.”


The 60 Years campaign was developed at Scholz & Friends Antwerp, by creative director Mirko Dermann with consultants Helge Koehling, Tecla Kohls, and managing director Lutz Meyer.

Filming was shot by director Nico Beyer (Represented by Crossroads) via United Visions, Berlin, with director of photography Michael Mieke and producer Fabian Barz.

Editor was Tom Seil. Post production was done at NHB, Berlin, by creative producer Yesim Altilar. Sound was designed by Lars Lohn.