National Geographic Channel Live Curious

National Geographic Channel is running a global campaign, “Live Curious“, inspiring people to care about the world they live in. Live curious” is about exploration, pioneering and questioning, which captures National Geographic’s shared spirit. No matter what country you live in or language you speak, this message to “Live Curious” hits close to home. Everything deserves a why.

Surfer in National Geographic Channel commercial

The Anthem If spot was filmed in 40 locations around Cape Town, South Africa and Inhambane, Mozambique, over two months (40 days of pre-production and two weeks filming). The spots are designed as mini documentaries recreating a small world within two cities. More than 30 people appear in the ad, with 25 different voice overs reflecting voices from all around the world.

If Anthem

If you are you breathe. If you breathe you talk. If you talk if you ask. If you ask you think. If you think you search. If you search you experience. If you experience you learn. If you learn you grow. If you grow you wish. If you wish you find. And if you find you doubt. If you doubt you question. If you question you understand and if you understand you know. If you know you want to know more. If you want to know more you are alive.

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Replace Fear

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.

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Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first?

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The Live Curious campaign was developed by creative director Patrizio Marini, art director Claudia Ganapini, copywriter Federico Russo.

Filming was shot by director Bryan Little via Fly on the Wall, Cape Town, and Mercurio Cinematografica, Milan, with executive producer Luca Fanfani, producers Annalisa De Maria and Alessandro Cavriani, South Africa producer and still photographer Filipa Domingues, director of photography Grant Appleton, production designer Latisha Duarte.

Post production was done at Green Movie, Milan, by editor Massimo Magnetti and sound engineer Roberto Grassi.

  • Annie

    Beautiful 🙂

  • Joshua


  • Tossaporn S

    Great idea! Curiosity is being alive.

  • DCD Demos

    This is the most annoying campaign I think I’ve ever seen. It’s on a non-stop repeat here in Sweden (alternating languages) and the music alone is enough to drive someone insane. Worst of all, the writing makes NO SENSE poetically …or otherwise. PLEASE STOP before I have to cancel our family subscription to Nat Geo – if only to save our brains from this senseless garbage.

  • Christian

    god im with you DCD on that. It feels like an ad that was just made for the sake of making an ad. Visually nice, but the message, and copy has got to be done for a retard.Annoying, and the music sucks too.

  • Paulo

    So True, I am getting FED UP with this advert as well, as is the rest of my family. Starting to dislike Nat Geo for the first time…

    Rest of the people here feel the same. I coming from South Africa am used to creative advertisements. Not this kind of crap =\

    Please take it off the air if you are listening.. thanks ^^

    • Juan

      If it’s so much a problem for you, then just change the channel.

      I find this one of their best if you ask me.

      • Reply :)

        yes Juan you are correct…

        I hope they have a remote or …. 😛

  • Gopala Chandran

    The best advert on the TV ,,
    I want to make a poster and hang it in my classroom

  • zakes

    Carries a well thought out message…i like the advert.

    @ Paulo, what?! There are plenty of crap adverts in our country, such a hypocrite…

    Besides, it doesnt play long…

  • Joe

    Its the most beautiful advert…i LOVE it sooo much!..Keep up Natgeo…

  • mpho

    great advert i wish some of my friends and family could see it

  • Suzanneg

    I (well my students are going to design it in August) also am working on a poster for the classroom, it is a powerful message, my students get it….

  • Bintang

    ‘Live curious… everything deserve a why’
    Just decided, thats become my life principle !!

  • William Kaldy

    The person who approved this slogan should be fired. It’s amazing to me that no one on this page understands grammar. I can’t believe that National Geographic would promote such a thing. This slogan should be “live curiously”. An adjective modifies a noun. An adverb modifies a verb. Everyone learned this in grade school. I hear this error all the time on sports reports. “He emerged victorious”. Anymore, I hear it all the time on the local news. I recently heard an insurance company using the same error as well as the national egg organization. These companies hire PR firms staffed by young, rapidly advancing executives who never bothered to learn the English language.