Music For Life Changed Credits

Music for Life is an annual charity event in Belgium organised by Radio Studio Brussel and the Red Cross. In December 2008 the event focused on mothers on the run, needing to escape with their children because of violence and war. The Music for Life team worked with Brussels advertising agency Mortierbrigade to promote the event on Belgium’s most popular television series, Thuis (Dutch for home).

Thuis changed

Thuis is a series hosted on Een, all about suburban families and their households, watched by a million viewers every day. The original series starts with the opening credits showing all the actors, and a song that is all about home sweet home. Mortierbrigade took the same graphic look and the song but changed the footage to show five mothers on the run in Uganda. Viewers were invited to connect with the radio campaign over six days and five nights. In exchange for a donation three DJs played callers’ favourite song. The 2008 campaign raised 3.5 million euro.


Mortierbrigade, Brussels, by creative directors Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe Deceuster, copywriter Paul Popelier, art director/film director Dieter Vanhoof, agency producer Patricia Vandekerckhove, working with Music for Life team Peter Claes and Jan Van Biesen.

Footage was produced at VRT Brussels, the parent company of Studio Brussel.