MTV Man on the Moon

MTV’s first moments on television on August 1, 1981, began with an iconic ident, the man on the moon with the MTV flag. The Moon Man went on to become the statuette given out at the MTV Video Music Awards.

MTV Man on the Moon Ident

The Apollo 11 rocket heads off, Neil Armstrong steps onto the moon… Before we know it we have two astronauts in the picture, and instead of the American stars and stripes, it’s MTV! MTV! MTV! MTV!…

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Moon Man spot was developed in July 1981 by Candy Kugel at Perpetual Motion Pictures. Perpetual Motion Pictures split in 1982 to become Perpetual Animation and Buzzco Productions. At the time Krugel was the youngest director/animator at Perpetual Motion Pictures. She was provided with NASA chromes of the 1969 moon walk, along with an MTV logo design. Candy was also involved in designing the re-animated live action flag with hand coloring, for the “I want my MTV” campaign developed at LPG/PON. See more of the story at Buzz Co and AWN.

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