Monopoly Own It All

The Monopolopy board game, published by Parker Brothers, a subsidary of Hasbro, has a colourful print advertising campaign developed in Germany, using the tag line, “Own it all”. Four photographs of actual properties, washed in green and red, show 124 Mediterranean Avenue and 74 Baltic Avenue (the two cheapest properties on the board), 807 Boardwalk and 153 Pennsylvania Avenue (two of the most expensive on the board).

Monopoly 807 Boardwalk

Monopoly 74 Baltic Avenue

Monopoly 124 Mediterranean Avenue

Monopoly 153 Pennsylvania Avenue


The Monopoly Own It All campaign was developed at JWT Germany, Frankfurt, Germany by art director Petra Sievers, copywriter Michael Muck with illustration by Lichtmaschine Berlin, photographer Ralph Baiker and retoucher Henning Moser.