Missy Higgins Pledge at Sierra Club

Australian singer/songwriter Missy Higgins, is offering fans a free download of an unreleased version of her single, “Where I Stood.” The free download, online at Warner Bros Records, is available for those who join the Sierra Club’s 2% Solution Campaign and pledge to reduce their carbon emissions by 2% in 2009.

Missy Higgins Download page

The Sierra Club campaign suggests that if we cut carbon emissions by 2$ a year we may find ourselves meeting the goal of 80% by 2050. Missy’s site gives ten suggestions on how to do this, including driving smarter, buying local and organic, switching over to green power, watching the heating and air conditioning levels and showering smart.

Two versions of the music video for Where I Stood have been released, one for the Australian market and one for the American market.


Filming was directed by Australian filmmakers Paul Goldman and Alice Bell via Doll with executive producer Leah Churchill-Brown, producer Sheridan Bott, director of photography Garry Phillips, art director Nell Hansen, editor Scott Gray. Post production was done at FSM by Steve Dunn.