Mio Fly and Runner

“Fly” is a classic funny ad from Belgium, promoting the Mio Digiwalker GPS system. Launched in 2007, the commercial quickly caught the imagination of online viewers at YouTube. Yes, it’s gross in a way, but also humorous and unforgettable. “The Fly” won a silver Clio award in 2007 and was a finalist in the NY Festival 2008.

Runner in Mio Fly commercial

A fly becomes caught up in the body of a runner in the park. At first we’d be forgiven for thinking this is an advertisement for running shoes. But no, it’s about time for some navigation skills…

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Fly was developed at Duval Guillaume Brussels, by creative directors Katrien Bottez and Peter Ampe, copywriter Virginie Lepère, art director Fred Van Hoof, agency producer Dieter Lebbe, account directors Isabel Peeters and Matthias Dubois.

Filming was shot by director Serdar (Serdar Donmez) via Lovo films, Brussels, with producers Bert Brulez and Francois Mercier.

Music is by Philippe Bokken at Sonicville.