Mini Cabrio Always Open

MINI is launching the new generation of Cabrio vehicles with an integrated campaign consists of six 30-second TV spots, idents, a viral film, print executions, a book of ideas called “Viva la Revolution”, packed full of MINI marketing ideas that never made it, and a 360-degree internet video that enables visitors to take a virtual test drive through Berlin in the new MINI Cabrio.

Mini Buddies in Cabrio commercial

The MINI Cabrio has always represented freedom and individuality. Now the new MINI Cabrio campaign takes the ‘Always Open’ strapline and injects it with some radical attitude. Pure driving excitement is front and centre, with the challenge to never put the roof up – whatever the weather. In a breakaway from classic ‘sunny’ Cabrio advertising, the campaign celebrates the exhilaration of being out in the elements, reflecting the positive, open-minded outlook of MINI drivers.

Always Open Television Campaign

Six films, directed by OPC director Tim Godsall, target men with Tarantino-inspired action and cheeky humour. “Duel” shows guys playing ‘chicken’ in their MINIs in the mud. “History” is a new take on a Ben Hur-style chariot race – but in the pouring rain. “Best Buddies” is reminiscent of the opening scene of cult move The Blues Brothers. “Ninja Night” features black-clad warriors who appear on the scene, on a snowy night in a deserted alleyway, each time a MINI passenger reaches out to try and close the roof. “Radical Maneuver”, shows a MINI Cabrio driving through a surreal world through cityscapes and countryside scenes. It carries a “Warning Do not attempt to fly upside down in your Cabrio,” as one of the passengers hovers above the MINI in this fantasy world. This is also supported by a making of video for the techies who want to get behind the scenes.

Print Always Open Campaign

A series of ten slick print executions feature the MINI Cabrio in various colours, always with roof down, over a black background and with humorous straplines in line with the overall campaign theme. These include “Close the roof? Over my frozen body”, “Now with even more oxygen” and “The brand new air MINI”.

Rain is just a four letter word
Rain is just a four letter word
Rain is just a four letter word

360 Degree Internet Video

The Mini Cabrio microsite will include a 360-degree online film showing a woman driving her MINI Cabrio through the streets of Berlin. Users can change the angle of the camera to pan around the MINI to view what’s happening behind or around the MINI.

Viva Le Revolution

“Viva le Revolution” is a MINI book that tells the story of the “Always Open” campaign and is full of MINI-inspired guerilla marketing ideas. It invites readers to become part of the MINI revolution and share their MINI Cabrio experience by implementing one or more of these radical ideas. In Cabrio-Booth, the photos of MINI Cabrio drivers are manipulated to show the face of the driver affected by the elements following an open top experience. Images show different faces overwhelmed by icicles, twigs, leaves, bugs or snow.

The Book of New

The specifications of the MINI are humorously redefined for the “Always Open” Cabrio in a series of black and white comic illustrations in “The Book of New”. These include an “Always Open Timer” which registers the number of hours the MINI Cabrio is driven with the roof down.


The Always Open campaign was developed at Plantage Berlin, MINI’s agency in Germany since 2006, by executive creative director Jason Schragger, creative Carola Ast, planner Sandra Niessen and account director Mia Drexl-Schegg.

Jason Schragger, Plantage’s executive creative director, said: “The times when people think they need to put the roof up are actually the best times to keep it open. It’s all about bucking convention, getting out there with the wind in your hair and being open to a new driving thrill.”

Filming was shot by Tim Godsall via Salt Berlin Filmproduktion Gmbh, Berlin with executive producer Angelika Ruhe.

Post production was done at Kaiser Sound Studios, Nhb Studios Berlin and Giraffentoast Design.

Photographs were by Simon Puschmann and Matt Hoyle.

Music was arranged by Massive Music Amsterdam. “History” was composed By J. Ware & J.A.W. Brouwer. “Best Buddies” was composed By M. Smid & J.A.W. Brouwer. “Duel / Rock” composed by C. Bout & J.A.W. Brouwer. “Duel / Spanish” was composed By B. Van Poppel & J.A.W. Brouwer. “Radical Maneuver” was composed By Paul Seiji.