Miller High Life Innovations

Miller High Life Innovations is a campaign designed to promote Miller High Life, the champagne of beers, while removing any sense of selling out to upper class snobbery. American men, anxious about the risk of being seen as pretentious, can rest assured that their purchase of expensive Miller High Life is no threat to their staunch reputation. The campaign, Pinky Restraint, Collar Clips and Decrossifier, won a Gold Press Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2009.

Miller High Life Pinky Restraint

I’m a hoity toity fancy pants and you are all unworthy of my company. Yes, one little finger can say that. But now there’s help. For those affected by an uppity digit there’s the new Pinky Restraint from High Life Innovations.

Miller High Life Collar Clips

We’re not in Eastern Europe. This isn’t an 80’s teen comedy full of pastels and learner’s permits. No. You’re in America, sailor. And here an upturned collar makes your shoulders look like they’re giving birth to a tourist. Forged from high grade tin HLI Collar Clips keep those flaps down and your credibility intact.

Miller High Life Decrossifier

For some folks (no one we personally know) leg-crossing is a bad habit. The Decrossifier gently trains away those magnetic knees, unsophisticating the crosser and thus making him more eligible for the high life.


The High Class Innovations campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New York, by chief creative officer Gerry Graf, creative directors Ralph Watson and Andy Carrigan, copywriter Mitch Gage, planner Dick Delange, account supervisors Nick Miartis, Mark Rolland, Will Platt-Higgins, art buyer Maggie Summer, art director Kristin Graham, photographer Paul Ober, graphic designer Hamish McArthur and retoucher Yan Apostolides.