Mikado Photocopier Accident With Copies

Mikado Sticks are back in the photocopying room, with the award-winning French television advertisement “Photocopieuse” now launching as “Photocopier” on British television screens. The Mikado chocolate for adults is being in the UK by Kraft Foods, after years of imports from Lu Mikado in France.

Japanese woman in Mikado Photocopier TV commercial

A young woman is waiting in line at the office photocopier. The man before her happily munches Mikado chocolate sticks as he works. When he leaves, she notices that he’s left behind his Mikados on the shelf. Being short, she climbs up on the photocopier to reach the shelf. Just as her colleague returns for his Mikado sticks, she bumps the start button on the photocopier, caught, not stealing the Mikado, but photocopying under her skirt.

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Tests taken by Euro RSCG before the Photocopier ad screened in France showed a pre-broadcast approval score of 94% among women. Inevitably the campaign has attracted complaints in the UK this year. The Advertising Standards Authority have said that despite receiving 141 complaints they are powerless to take the ad off air as it is only been shown at night, during adult content programmes.

Mikado biscuits for adults were launched in France by Lefèvre-Utile Biscuit Company in 1982, in collaboration with Japanese food company Glico, based on their product Pocky. Advertising for the brand focused for many years on parodies of well known films, showing the readiness of Mikado addicts for situations of danger, all for the sake of a chocolate stick.


The Mikado Photocopier ad was developed at BETC Euro RSCG, Paris by creative director Michelle Cohen, copywriter Pierre Riess and art director Romain Guillon.

Filming was shot by Neil Harris via 1/33 Productions, Paris and Arden Sutherland-Dodd, London, with director of photography Jean-Claud Aumont, producers Sophie Jacobs, Andrew Downer. Harris moved to Partizan in 2001 and more recently to Smuggler Films for representation in the UK.

Post production was done at GLpipa, Paris, and Soho601, London. Editor was Philippe Doria-Machado.

Woman caught in Double A Copy Room TV ad

Copies of the Copier

Double A Paper, based in Thailand, released three copies of this concept with “Copy Room”, a television commercials produced for the Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong. The first video features Michaela Zvarova playing a woman reaching for more paper off the top shelf. Post production was done at Oriental Post in Thailand. The ad is available on the Double A sites in Thailand, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, China, Europe, Vietnam, UK, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Click on the image below to play the video.

See the Hong Kong version on YouTube.