Microsoft IE8 Remembering Stuff About the Internet

Microsoft has launched “Remembering Stuff About the Internet”, a promotion for the new Internet Explorer 8 launched at MIX09, Microsoft’s developer conference in Las Vegas. The 5 minute video features celebrities and comedians discussing the evolution of the Internet, from the days of screeching modems to sensational viral video hits to making “friends” on social networking sites.

Remembering Stuff About the Internet

“Remembering Stuff About the Internet” features Generate clients Janeane Garofalo, Christian Finnegan, Dave Hill, Anjelah Johnson and Baron Vaughn, as well as Internet sensations Ask a Ninja and Obama Girl, Jeff Rayport, Beth Dover, Jordan Carlos and Craig Anton. In addition to the five minute history lesson, there are over 25 additional videos, outtakes, extras, and longer observations that are available as well at


Bradley and Montgomery (BaM), the independent agency behind Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment promotion for Windows Vista. Bradley and Montgomery partnered with cross-platform production and management company Generate on the production.

Ben Carlson, Chief Strategy Officer of BaM, explains the thinking behind the campaign, “Almost everything you’ve experienced on the World Wide Web in the past 15 years or so has been seen through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has always been the ‘window to the web’ and it’s getting even better with Internet Explorer 8. It’s a great time to look back and see how much the Web has changed as we get ready for what comes next.”