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Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, goes live worldwide on June 3, 2009. The replacement for Live Search, designed to compete with Google and Yahoo!, was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on May 28, 2009 at the All Things D conference in San Diego. Two Bing-related YouTube channels have been launched to promote the concept, BingMicrosoft and Decision Engine. Bing is also online on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Hi5.

Bing Coming Soon

The word “bing” comes from the sound of arrival or conclusion, as made by an elevator or lift when it arrives, or a microwave when it is finished its cooking cycle. Microsoft is counting on the name being memorable and easy to spell, and approachable in different languages. The offical Chinese name is bì yìng (simplified Chinese: 必应; traditional Chinese: 必應), which literally means “very certain to respond” or “very certain to answer”.

Bing’s features include related searches (called “Explorer pane” on the left side of search results) based on semantic technology from PowerSet, a search company Microsoft purchased in 2008, search suggestions as you type, and the ability to keep track of your search history.

Microsoft Bing Short Intro

Search for the world’s largest rodent on Bing and you’ll get the Capybara. Look for hotels in Dublin. Or maybe you need to find a hardware store in Seattle. And while you’re in Seattle check out the coffee shops and the weather…

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What is Bing?

Stefan Weitz, Director of Search Group, provides an introduction to the new search engine, without glasses.

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Focus on Customer Needs

Stefan Weitz, Director of Search Group, talks about customer satisfaction research, with glasses.

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