Mentos Duelling Beat Boxes

Mentos take a scene out of the 1972 film Deliverance with “Beat It”, a television commercial spoofing “Duelling Banjos”. The TV advert is set in the gas station of a small country town, setting an out-of-towner against a local.

Mentos Beatbox guy

The new season of UK football on Sky Sports and Sky Terrestrial networks has been kicked off with “Start of Season”, a TV advert designed to pick up the emotions felt by football fans everywhere.

Beatboxers Neil Thomas and Killa Kela battling outside a gas station, “Dueling Banjos” style, for the heart of a pretty young honey. It’s a pretty even contest until one of the guys pops a Mentos Aqua Kiss, causing his mouth to enter floppy beatbox overdrive.

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Duelling Banjos

Here’s the scene from Deliverance that provided the inspiration.

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The Beat It advert was developed at BBH London by creative directors Rik Brown and Jon Fox, creatives Dan Bailey and Brad Wolff, and agency producer Sam Robinson.

Filming was shot by Guy Manwaring via Sonny London with director of photography John Lynch. Editor was Mark Edinoff at The Quarry, London. The ad’s creators said they pointed a compressed air gun at the actor’s face while he was beatboxing to distort his face.